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What is Freedom World?

Freedom world is a collection of innovative endeavors that All abide by the same core principals that are based on creating a culture of giving  back through meaningful work and meaningful relationships. We know what it’s like to have felonies on your record and feel hopeless on the career front. We are working toward building an environment where people can not just have a job, but a career. Our long term goal is to one day have every Freedom World employee enjoy the security of paid time off, sick time, medical and dental benefits, retirement, but most importantly a wage that will inspire.

Establishing Practices For Progress, Not Profit

Freedom  world is designed to redistribute wealth back to the John Fahlman Foundation, with all entities donating 25%-50% of proceeds. Members and customers can earn Freedom dollars for accomplishing goals, as well as their charitable work and donations. Freedom dollars will be valid at any Freedom World company, Freedom Sports and the JFF.

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